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Dr. JoAnne Robbins consults with dysphagic patient.




Swallow Solutions is dedicated to the advancement of the health and quality of life for patients with swallowing disorders.


Swallow Solutions, LLC is registered and the SwallowStrong device is listed with the FDA. The SwallowStrong device is allowed for sale as a Class 1 device in the United States.


Affecting more than 15 million adults and many millions of infants and children in the US, dysphagia is an increasingly common disorder as the population ages, putting us at risk for complications such as pneumonia from aspiration of foods “down the wrong pipe”, malnutrition or dehydration. Feeding tubes placed directly into the stomach to bypass the disordered head and neck structures have been used in recent years, but in many cases are shown to have negative outcomes on health and quality of life.


Muscles weaken as a form of aging (sarcopenia); this includes muscles of the head and neck. Less healthy people, for instance those who suffer a neurologic disorder, such as stroke, dementia or Parkinson’s, or have had a head injury, or head and neck cancer have increased muscle weakness-beyond that of normal aging. Swallowing-related therapies range from attention to posture when eating to procedures such as food and liquid modification or exercise for head and neck musculature.